Saturday, May 06, 2006

Irony in the making?

Although he's not as flamboyant as our favourite Fred Phelps, there's another evangelical preacher out there that has a soft spot in my funny bone. That preacher is Brother Jed Smock. Instead of protesting at soldiers funerals, Brother Jed's favourite bible-thumping ground is college campuses. I've caught him numerous times at my last school in Springfield Missouri and he's already been to KU this school year (although I missed him here).

Every once in awhile, I check his website to see what fun new things he's up to. Today, I noticed this bit here:
Our oldest daughter, Evangeline (20), has joined the Army. She will report for duty right after our School of Evangelism in early September. She will be trained as a warrior and will study to be a Chaplain's Assistant. She wants to go to Iraq to be where the action is.

My question is: If this Evangeline is killed in action, will fellow fire and brimstone preacher Phelps show up at the funeral of Brother Jed to protest laugh gleefully at her death?

Note: I certainly do not wish for the death of Evangeline or any other of our nation's military. I'm merely speculating at a potentially ironic situation.

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Steve said...

He probably would.