Monday, February 19, 2007

300th Post - With Pictures

I've been taking a break from posting recently for a few reasons. The first is because I figured I should do something special for my 300th post. I wasn't paying attention when my 100th and 200th came and went, so I suppose now's the time.

The other is that I've just been busy this semester, and when I'm not, I've been more inclined to let my brain turn into a puddle for those scant hours as opposed to doing anything even remotely intellectual.

Regardless, I figured posting pictures would be fun. Originally, I'd intended to post some of my favourite astrophotographs and explain a bit about what was behind them, but that's way too much like class work. So I decided against that.

But pictures did sound like a nice idea. I like pictures. So I figured I'd post a few of my own. Tonight was the first clear night we've had in awhile, and as luck would have it, a beautiful crescent moon and Venus were hovering over the horizon just after sunset. So I ran out with my camera and took a few pictures. Three of them turned out pretty nicely.

Here's Venus and the moon setting over the dorms at the top of Daisy hill. I love all the colors in this one. It just works so nicely that KU has a gorgeous campus.

You might have to blow this one up to see it, but there's my favourite constellation of Orion. The bright star in the tree to the lower left is Sirius. It's not the best picture of Orion I've taken (this is), but for a cheap digital camera with no manual settings, it's not bad.

And what would KU be without the Jayhawk. Here's the one in front of the Lied Center checking out the view. It looks like he's balancing Venus on his head.

Overall, it was a nice night to run around and snap a few pictures. Much better than Monday night of last week which looked like this:


Forthekids said...

I like the Venus picture, Jon. Very cool looking. My boys and I were checking out Venus tonight. I keep meaning to take them to Washburn some evening so they can look through the telescopes there at the campus.

All the best

TheBrummell said... the top of Daisy hill.

A hill in Kansas? PhotoShop Phalsehoods! Trickery and Deceit!

Seriously, though, nice pictures. I think my favourite is actually of the snow "last week", very pretty. And congratulations on 300 posts.