Saturday, April 07, 2007

Jesus thinks you're an idiot too...

For those that aren't familiar with my school, KU has a large open area where many groups will advertise their events. The space is open to anyone that wants to use it and is typically called "Wescoe Beach". It can be used for anything from promoting races for student senate, to Brother Jed preaching his own version of eternal damnation.

He was out on Wednesday, although I didn't have the time to listen to him. Friday, however, saw a live action reenactment of the crucifixion, complete with a large cross, and an actor in a loincloth holding onto some nails in 30ยบ weather while people chanted at him.

Not exactly what I'd be doing for fun, but it sure sounds better than what religious groups in the Philippines do. Apparently when they reenact the crucifixion, they do it for real. Real people. Real nails.

But if having nails driven through your hands isn't enough, you can try beating yourself with chains or having someone beat you with glass embedded wood.

I'm not particularly religious, but as I understand it, the whole purpose of Jesus' sacrifice was to save us from this very sort of punishment. So perhaps this is just my silly overly critical atheism speaking, but wouldn't rejecting his sacrifice to do it yourself be something of an insult?


Anonymous said...

The link to Brother Jed presumably points to a wrong page. Please discard this comment when done :-).

Planeten Paultje

Jon Voisey said...

Brother Jed has popped up in several posts. The link is meant to pop to to all of them.