Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mother in the Sun

It seems a 17 year old girl in South Africa has been seeing visions of the Virgin Mary and has been telling other people how to do it as well. Just look directly into the sun.

One person has already severly damaged their vision and now the Catholic Church is telling the girl to stop recieving pilgrims and telling them to look at the sun.

What should be an example of common sense is sadly, another example of how religious fervor can turn people into complete idiots.


Anonymous said...

The article claims the Sun started spinning at sunset. . . that one's a pretty easy thing to show as false, considering SOHO has been taking hourly pictures of the sun for years.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any data on there website--I guess I don't understand their search page.

Jon Voisey said...

Well, the sun does spin. Just very slowly. Too slowly to detect with the human eye. That, and when your eye is overwhelmed with photons, it all looks like a solid disk and you wouldn't be able to make out any reference points to tell if it were spinning or not. Perhaps the "spinning sun" is just the people standing up too fast to observe this "miracle" and getting themselves dizzy?

The data page for SOHO is here, although I'm not sure what you're looking for precisely.