Monday, March 10, 2008

Sins: New and Improved!

Catholicism is one of the fastest declining religions out there. So what does the Vatican do? Make up a bunch of new sins.

What makes the list? "[D]rugs, pollution and genetic manipulations as well as social and economic injustices as new areas of sinful behavior."

Drugs? That's vague. What constitutes a "drug"? Are we talking the strict clinical definition which just means something that effects how the body/mind functions? Or are we going with the arbitrary government setup which is often based more on propaganda than actual legitimate standards? Either way, perhaps it's best to toss your aspirin and booze. Just incase. Oh wait... that's going to suck for that whole Communion thing.

Pollution? Shit. Better turn off your refrigerator, stop using a car, and heck, breathing is probably not helping out your soul too much either. There's no way to have zero impact on our environment. So I suppose this is really all about minimizing it. But some people are better at it than others. Does this introduce a scale which means a certain amount of pollution is applicable for some, but not others? Is there a cutoff when too much garbage dooms you for all of eternity, or is it a grayscale sort of thing?

Genetic Manipulation? Oh dear. It's time to kill every single domesticated animal as they're all results of artificial selection manipulating their genetics! And let's not forget nearly every food we eat. Most have either been bred or outright genetically tinkered with in labs. Perhaps we should go back to the cows hundreds of years ago which had high amounts of saturated fats and led to health issues.

Social and Economic Injustices? Hm... How much money does the big C keep around? It's gotta be a lot if they're constantly settling these multi million dollar lawsuits for these child molestation suits.

So really, all these new sins are outright stupid. What's the idea behind it? Looks like guilt to me; Make people feel bad for doing things that are human.


Anonymous said...

Birth control is the most effective way to decrease pollution by humans.

TV's Mr. Neil said...

So much for the Bible being the objective word of an omniscient deity. I like how the Vatican thinks they can amend the sins now.

Maybe these "new sins" are actually among those extra five that Moses accidentally dropped on his way down the mountain. "I give you these fifteen..." *crash!* "...Ten! Ten commandments!"