Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Good Job Russia!

All over the world, psychics, spiritualists, and other cons claiming to have supernatural powers get away with taking in the gullible. But it looks like Russia has put a stop to at least one of them. The story tells that Grigory Grabovoy scammed people into thinking that he could raise the dead if they just paid him enough money (the equivalent of a few thousand dollars).

He gets 11 years in prison for his scam.

Obviously his lawyers don't think it's fair, saying, "We think the sentence is based on speculation and is absolutely unfair."

Speculation? Someone taking money for services that I damn well bet he hasn't performed is speculation? ROFL!

Good job Russia!


pravo said...

To Mass Media

Dear Colleagues!

On October 21st, 2007 participants of the international social movement ДРУГГ, supporters and followers of Grigory Grabovoy have started INDEFINITE HUNGER-STRIKE for HUMAN RIGHTS, as an extreme form of the protest against legal totalitarianism and judicial arbitrariness in Russia and around the World.

Hunger-strike has begun in Moscow and people from different cities around Russia and other countries are joining in. Photos and videos from the strike, petitions and support letters are available on-line. You can find out about most recent developments of the strike at (mirror site: ).

Today the Russian mass-media have declared informational blockade to these people. They were portrayed to the public as «swindlers» and «dangerous sectarians». What for?!

Law-enforcement and judicial institutions could not answer this question for the past one and a half years. Starting in April, 2006Grigory Grabovoy is detained in Leftovo Investigative Unit, as socially dangerous criminal, even though the structure and events of a crime were never determined. There is NOTHING about Beslan in materials of the criminal case. Nevertheless, the theme of Beslan became one of the basic reasons for blown up mass-media campaign against Grabovoy, and a formal reason for his detention on April 5th, 2006. And there is no refutation in mass-media of this hoax.

As an independent journalist, I was engaged in investigation of this case and with all responsibility I declare that all accusations against Grigory Grabovoy mismatch the reality.

One can treat Grigory Grabovoy as a scientist, politician, religious or public figure, accept or decline his ideas, scientific paradigm, his call for revival of Christian morals, ideas of the Eternal life and Resurrection. HOWEVER, right now it is a question of infringement of the HUMAN RIGHTS and FREEDOMs, PRESUMPTION of INNOCENCE, violation of laws and the Constitution of the Russian Federation, norms of international law protecting honour and virtue of an individual and a citizen and his rights.

Legal experts have confirmed unlawfulness of Grabovoy's detention, and classified it as totalitarianism of courts and an investigation, crime against an individual, political and religious prosecution, absolute infringement of human rights in a context Grabovoy’s activities on the struggle against terrorism and prevention of accidents of natural and technogenic character.

For example, V.V.Stepanov, the expert in remedial organization for human rights, has confirmed back in June, 2006 that there are signs of falsification of the evidence and procedural violations in the case against Grabovoy.

Criminal prosecution against Grabovoy was initiated for his scientific, religious, socio-political and educational activities, as he was accused in encouraging religious beliefs, establishing of a political party and distributing anti-terrorist technologies which allow to predict and prevent acts of terrorism and other accidents with 100 % accuracy.

Hushing up from mass-media and public organizations of this situation with illegal criminal and political prosecution of Grabovoy promotes its development and the further degrades the situation with human rights in our country, which can lead to full disappearance of such rights, as freedom of speech and creeds and the right to elect and be elected, the right to use one’s abilities at his own will, the right to receive and distribute information, and the right of Life.

One of the participants of hunger-strike, Margarita Babak, wrote in her petition: “I chose this extreme measure as all other means to which I resorted such as letters, petitions, articles, press conferences, meetings, pickets and so forth, have not been heard. I was cast in deep despair by comprehension that in my country, Russia, constitutional and other rights and freedoms are not guaranteed. By endangering my life, I hope to draw attention to the unlawful character of Grigory Grabovoy’s case, and by that to protect the right of all Russian citizens.

Larissa Bochanova, a member of the Union of journalists of Russia, Novosibirsk phone: 8-913-205-14-08

In support. Independent investigation of criminal case #376062 on Grabovoy swindle. /March-June 2007. 76062-po-moshennichestvu-grabovogo-mart-iyun-2007-goda#comment

Quantum_Flux said...

Yeah, they do stuff right, at least when they're not taking over the world.

Unknown said...

In a March-April 2007 interview to Larisa Bochanova Susanna Dudieva, leader of Mothers of Beslan, says that Grabovoy fell victim of state-sponsored libel. She says that neither he nor his representatives ever visited Beslan. She says the mothers did not pay him. She acknowledged that the mothers initiated a meeting with Grabovoy in Moscow and that he preached ideas of resurrection.

According to Dudieva, the rulers and the tamed media (Vorsobin of Komsomolskaya Pravda, Sokolov-Mitrich of Izvestia, Pimanov of the TV show Man and Order, and others) might have a motive in slandering Grabovoy. The smearing campaign against Grabovoy directed the public attention away from the way the authorities handled the hostage taking in Beslan.

Sundolphin . said...

Grabovoi was framed. This started when he announced his intention to become Russian president. Read at: