Monday, April 20, 2009

Things that don't work

I was going through my folder of links on things to write about, and found this article from the summer of last year that made me chuckle at just how wrong it turned out to be. Out in Iowa a bunch of people from the "Invincible America Assembly" got together to meditate and solve all of Americas problems. They predicted that they would send the stock market soaring via "harmonious waves" with the Dow surpassing 17,000.

HAHAHAHAHA! Nice timing. Predicting your voodoo would fix make a utopia right before the economy went in the shitter.


But to make the guy sound even dumber, consider this quote:
We have control over things we didn't have control over before. That's the progress of science
Wha? He claims to be using science?!

Sorry pal. Science works.


Anonymous said...

Maybe their "harmonious waves" were out of phase, thereby causing the stock market crash? ;)

Jon Voisey said...

Damn that destructive interference!

Unknown said...

They also promised better U.S. - N. Korean relations. Rich.

Brett W. McCoy said...

That article made me laugh out loud

Brett McCoy said...

That article made me laugh out loud