Friday, May 08, 2009

Bye Venomfang!

Looks like VenomfangX is gone again. His youtube channel has been deleted, his videos are gone, and even his website is taken down.

Apparently, there's been claims that he's received "death threats" from "Muslims". He's posted some pretty condemning things in regards to Muslims before, so it wouldn't completely surprise me, but if he really were going to let that cause him to wet his pants, why not just take those down and leave up all his Creationism nonsense?

Safe to say, I'm highly skeptical. My personal thought when I heard this, is that VFX is doing what he tends to do a lot: Play games to try to garner emotional sympathy. If you watched his video in response to one of his followers going and committing the murder/suicide earlier last month, he has his little "crying moment" at the beginning and intentionally chooses not to edit it out. Why? Because it makes him look sympathetic and plays the pity card. Sadly, that's the best he has to offer.

Meanwhile, his website tells a different story:
This site has been taken offline by the parents of VenomFangX, they don't support/share his views and apologize if he has offended anyone.
Oops. Guess mommy and daddy didn't like having a little liar in the family pushing it all over the internet.

Is he really gone though? Who knows. After all, he pulled disappearing act last year too.

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