Monday, August 24, 2009

Must be a slow news day

Today in CNN's "Latest News" section, they had an article on Pluto. It's the same old "scientists disagree on the arbitrary classification scheme into which Pluto falls on the borders" claptrap.

What confuses me is why this can in any way be construed as "latest news". The story is three years old as of today (which is I suppose what makes them think it's newsworthy). Even the most recent real addition to the story was from early this year when New Mexico passed a "Pluto is a Planet in New Mexico Day".


Next I propose we pass a resolution declaring a "Brown Dwarfs are Stars in Missouri Day". At the very least we could use the same excuse Creationists use for being stupid about it: It supposedly draws attention to science and "makes people want to investigate".

In reality, I think the only investigation going on should be why politicians feel the need to waste their time on such things.

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