Saturday, October 09, 2010

Astronomers Humor: Part 2

Sometimes gender stereotypes are harmful. The shoehorning of gender roles has long limited freedom of choice for women, and still hampers their average earning potential.

Yet for some reason, we still joke about these stereotypes. Women's mood swings are the driving action of many comedies. Men failing to ask for directions is a standby. Women collect shoes and eat chocolate. Men love sports and beer.

This jestful stereotyping popped up in a paper I've been reading for a UT article. In it, the author notes that there seems to be an obsession with size.... of telescopes obviously. Bigger is better!

In a Freudian footnote, he adds:
1Speculation as to whether this is connected to the gender of most astronomers is outside the scope of this paper, but as the gender balance improves, it will be interesting to look for a reduction in the preoccupation with size.
Yep. That's it. Astronomers are compensating. *titter*

Oh wait.... was he being serious?


Blaine said...

men also loves atronomy. I am into astronomy.

JupiterIsBig said...

Seriously, I think if you could raise a generation free of the unintentional stereotyping, then we could see what the differences really are ... there will be some, but some certainly don't really exist.

Blaine said...

men also loves atronomy. I am into astronomy.