Sunday, March 06, 2011

This is news?

Apparently CNN thinks a bunch of idiots declaring that the end of the world is May 21st is somehow headline news.

It's an exceptionally sad story. It starts off describing Sheila Jonas, a woman who has ditched everything to to on a nationwide RV tour to tell people that the apocalypse is coming. Other members of the caravan gave away everything they owned. Others left behind families, wives and chidren, all because they were so conned by a "broadcasting ministry" known as Family Radio.

This station, which has a long reach, backs up their nonsense with "irrefutible proofs" which are nothing more than throwing numbers together and coming up with things that come out to whole numbers every once in awhile and assigning significance to such incidences. As (I hope) even my students could even tell you by now, just because you get something that looks conceivably plausible doesn't mean you've done anything right. But that's what Family Radio, and other fraudsters like Richard Hoagland do. Sadly, scientific and mathematical skills are so poor, that people are easily conned by it.

Come May 22, when they should be forced to admit they were wrong, they, of course, won't. They'll simply say they made a mistake, fudge some more numbers, and do it again. Such people are beyond reproach. They can and should be left behind. They should not be treated with respect and civility. They should be laughed at and mocked lest others fall for their crap.


Wayne said...

You know, I often wonder how such biblical literalists get past Mark 13:32, Matthew 24:36, and Acts 1:7, all of which say basically that "no one knows" when things will happen. I can understand that they are immune to "normal" logic, but the fact that they aren't even consistent in their literalism galls me.

Blaine said...

I can't wait until march 22 I will be laughing at there predictions

crf said...

It's 11 pm, March 21, on the West Coast of North America.

Is New York still there?

Silver Thread said...

The article says *May* fellas. not March.

Either way, the actions of these lunatics is beyond comprehension because they are insane. If what they did made sense, to anyone else, that person would be insane too.

Anonymous said...

Fear mongering is big business. Religions capitalize on it; so do governments; and so do the media. It's an effective way to attract and control the mindless... and the mindless have short memory spans. They forget about failed doomsday predictions, or why we got sucked into the latest war, within a day or two. Like the guy in the clip said: "We're not a bunch of crazies; we're not a bunch of kooks; we're just like anyone else." Right! And I rest my case.

crf said...

It's 11 pm, March 21, on the West Coast of North America.

Is New York still there?