Monday, April 25, 2011

Pareidolia: n + 20

Looks like Jesus is hanging out in pizzas now.

Beyond the general personal incredulity at such things, this one goes to highlight the general nonsense when it interviews some fool from an Australian Catholic university who said
''There are a lot of misunderstandings in the making of saints and miracles,'' he said.

He said generally only "medical miracles'', such as healings, were accepted by the Catholic Church because those incidents could be tested using scientific means.

"We often rely on medical miracles because there is scientific proof it can't be explained by conventional science, that's where the validity comes from,'' he said.
Summary, "I can't explain this but it's not a miracle. Things happen in medicine that I can't explain. But those are miracles."

Herp derp.

"Validity" as an absence of evidence. Right.


Stephen said...

I see two faces in this pizza. The masked face slightly right of center, and the left facing Egyptian. In addition to seeing faces everywhere, one might ask, "who is the artist?".

The Catholic Church at least attempts some statistics when they confer a real miracle. I'm not at all convinced, however. If you lay hands on enough people, some will get better. And the Placebo effect is quite strong on it's own. Has the Pope undergone placebo controlled clinical trials? Who knows?

JupiterIsBig said...

Che Guevara ?

JupiterIsBig said...

Che Guevara ?

Adam Drabik said...

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