Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pregnant? Shut up and stay home!

Oh Occupy Wall Street. When will you cease to stop showing us some of the worst of humanity. If it's not militarized campus police pepper-spraying peaceful protesters, it's something else.

The newest one is cops kicking and pepper-spraying a pregnant woman. The cops told everyone to disperse, she was trying to, but apparently that was still a threat.

What I find even more astounding is the responses to the whole situation. There's a huge number of commenters that blame her for joining a protest while pregnant:
the mother defiantly should be held at least partially responsible for getting herself in that situation in the first place.
And all those people that got pepper-sprayed? They're at fault too.

The only one she has to blame is herself. If she cared about her unborn, she wouldn't have gone there.
Let's do a risk analysis here. Are huge numbers of people getting kicked in the stomach by cops at rallies? No. Should cops be doing it in the first place? No. So what's this person's conclusion? Even with a minimal risk, a pregnant woman should still just stay home. Perhaps we should require we cover all pregnant women in bubble wrap just to be safe?

If you're protesting anything and you see the cops coming in in force and you don't want to be manhandled or pepper sprayed you should walk in the opposite direction QUICKLY.
That's right. Cops are to be feared. They're not here to protect our safety, just to chase away rascally protesters exercising their constitutional rights.

In other news, has an article on "7 of the Worst Things Men Put Up with for Sex. It's a serious cryfest. I'm hoping articles like this aren't serious. If the worst thing you have to do for a woman is meet her parents, life is not that hard.

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