Tuesday, August 21, 2012

CNN Has Unintelligent Commentary Too

I don't think anyone was shocked when Fox News had some awful article trying to distract everyone from the GOP's war on women's rights. But now CNN is trying the same thing.

In CNN's article, they too try to ignore issues that effect women by turning the focus on how women have disproportionately lost jobs in this recession. And of course, the blame is laid at the feet of Obama. No explanation as to why or how, except that he's president. So it's his fault.

Neither Fox nor CNN has bothered to take the time to consider the general level of sexism in our country in which women disproportionately hold low income jobs that are more likely to be trimmed since they're faced with a glass ceiling. Admittedly that ceiling does have some cracks in it. Which is awesome. But then again, it's Ryan Paul's party that's trying to stop laws that are at work prying those cracks open.

UPDATE: CNN is trying yet again to distract from what are typically considered women's issues. This article, written by Kay Bailey Hutchison, a Republican congresswoman, actually does address a few of the issues after going on and on about how what women really care about is how the economy is doing. Which I'm sure they do, but trying to downplay the concern about their rights to equal pay, to be free of violence, and control their own bodies, in light of the economy isn't a realistic picture. When she does get to legislation, it's interesting to watch her cognitive dissonance. She brings up some legislation she wrote in 1975. As if that's indicative of the current party in any way. She discusses helping to create a "Homemaker IRA". But who does she say she worked with to create it? A Democrat. She says that when the Violence Against Women Act was up for renewal this past year, that she tried to put in an amendment that would enact harsher penalties that was eventually defeated. But which party was it that was trying to tear down the act? Oh yes. Republicans. She says she believes that we need to encourage women to go into STEM fields and they need more education. I couldn't agree more. But it's not the Democrats trying to gut educational funding. So while Ms. Hutchison may be doing a few good things within her party, she's apparently blinded herself to the virulently anti-woman campaign her party has been waging.


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Men have been hit harder by this recession, largely due to the collapse of the construction industry.