Saturday, June 10, 2006

Astronomy Internship: Day 1

The day started with me in St Louis. My girlfriend took me to the airport at 4:00am so I'd be there plenty early for my 6:15 am flight.

By 6:00 the sun was just up over the horizon with beautiful partly cloudy skies.

My trip would begin shortly taking Frontier Airlines and stopping over in Denver, Colorodo.

The plane had a duck on the tail. Soon I was off. It was goodbye St. Louis,

And hello Denver.

After an abbreviated 45 mintues off a plane, I was off again. Leaving Denver our path took us across the Rocky Mountains:

And the Grand Canyon:

Finally, after nearly 6 hours, I was at my destination city of San Diego. After a short cab ride, I arrived at my room.

So what's a tired astronomer to do now? Well look what just happens to be right outside my window:

I think it's time for a nice cool dip and an even nicer nap.

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