Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All for McNaught

Unfortunately, I was unable to catch a glimpse of comet McNaught. I didn't bother to bring my telescope to campus this year so I couldn't catch it while it was still rather faint.

By the time it was readily apparent to the naked eye, Kansas did as Kansas does and we had nothing but cloudcover. The one night that it was mostly clear, a large bank of clouds sat right over the spot in the horizon where the comet was. But I figured if I couldn't see the comet, I could at least make a nice time lapse animation of the sunset. You can download it here (1.3 MB, Quicktime required).

But wouldn't you know it! My camera batteries died right as the sunset started getting really pretty.

It seems it just wasn't my day for astronoming.

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Anonymous said...

I wasn't able to see it at sunset either. But I caught it at midday on Sunday. That was impressive. My first daytime comet: