Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dembski for failed reading comprehension

Over at UD, Dembski makes a post about "Pro-ID doctors", linking to a list of physicians and surgeons denying the favourite made up word of creationists (macroevolution).

However, it seems that Dembski has failed to read the actual statement these doctors signed because it quite clearly states: "This does not imply the endorsement of any alternative theory."

I wonder if someone could please explain how "does not imply the endorsement" is infact, endorsing ID?

Perhaps Dembski is just falling prey to that nasty case of contrived dualism that's infected creationism since its outset.

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Paul D. said...

Well now I have a list of Doctors to avoid! Of course they need to say they are not endorsing any specifc alternate theory. That's the same rhetorical trick used by the previous Kansas BOE.