Sunday, March 25, 2007

Evolution =/= Cosmology

This past summer, I posted regarding misconceptions about the big bang. One more that I could have included is the creationist notion that evolution includes the big bang theory. It doesn't.

PZ posted a link to a very nifty graphic that shows this quite nicely.

The way this image works is that different fields are placed together as points on a graph, and then made to repel eachother. When fields have journal articles linking them, it creates "rubber bands" that overcome the repulsive element thereby making nodes of fields. If fields have a great deal of overlap, they will be right next to eachother on this image.

Interestingly enough, evolution and cosmology are about as far apart as you can get! This means there's nothing connecting them.

So next time you hear a creationist making this absurd claim, point them to this image. Even if they can't understand it, it's quite possible that the pretty bubbles will distract them long enough for your brain to recover.

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Anonymous said...

It works a bit like Websites as Graphs.

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