Thursday, March 29, 2007

ZOMG! Persecution!

It seems a student has been suspended for his religious beliefs.

Apparently the school thinks that pirate regalia worn to class is a distration. I hardly agree with that.

Now... if it was Johnny Depp walking into a class, I think that would qualify.

Regardless of what he was wearing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,

I'm totally with you on your perspective regarding wearing pirate regalia to school. If you don't mind, could you go into a bit more detail as to why you don't agree with the school that it's a distraction?


Jon Voisey said...

At my high school there was a common practice just before the annual Turkey Day game to have "Tacky Day" where you dressed in our rival school's colors "red and white" and tried to look as obnoxious as possible.

This never caused too much of a distraction beyond the general excitement of the upcoming game. So I would use that to suggest that dress is far less important than the school is giving it credit for.

Additionally, once classes begin, most students don't tend to be paying attention to the dress of other students. They're concentrating on taking notes and listening. The humor would likely wear off by the time class starts.

Lastly, being a member of the Society of Creative Anachronisms, I recognize that one of the warmest forms of dress avaiable is a full length cloak. I frequently wear this around campus and walk into classes (occasionally late while the teacher is lecturing) wearing it. I've never had anyone have to stop more than a second to comment.

Anonymous said...

Your reasoning is beautiful! Thank you!

patrickimo said...

Your reasoning is beautiful! Thank you!