Friday, November 27, 2009

A New Template

I'm going to be playing around with the template today, so please forgive me if things look funny for awhile. Blogger doesn't provide a way to tinker with the settings without them being live.

UPDATE: Looks like I've got everything about how I wanted it. My main motivation was to get the post text on a background that was more friendly to read for more people. I've had complaints about white text (well, it wasn't actually quite white, but a very light grey) on a black background since I started this blog. I liked the star field I've been using and didn't want to give it up for fear of the format looking too generic but until recently, none of the templates had a way to have a separate background for the posts and sidebars and I'm not good enough with CSS to make it happen. But now such templates are more easily available so I figured it was time to do some updating.

I also liked how this template more readily sets blockquotes aside from the main body text.

If there's any problems anyone's having, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

1 comment:

Chet Twarog said...

Thanks, Jon. Easier reading makes concepts clearer.