Saturday, December 26, 2009

F*CK you Vista

I've had Vista for less than a year and in that time, it's crashed, as of last night, three times!

The first two times were back to back, it would simply freeze while loading.

Last night, I was running perfectly fine and suddenly, the whole thing froze. When I restarted, it told me it had lost one of the kernels required to boot.

Good job Vista. You suck.


Unknown said...


I've been M$ free a few years now (I think about seven or eight years).

About the only thing I miss is being able to play games but I never really played all that many games to begin with as I mostly blog and mess around on the internet.

My OS of choice is GNU/Linux and specifically Puppy Linux. Puppy Linux has never crashed on me. The only problems I've ever had are to do with browsers hanging and crashing (notoriously Firefox) but the system itself remains sound and reliable. It's blazingly fast (arguably THE fastest Linux distro out there), small (weighing in at around 100mb) and boots directly from a CD (allowing you to keep your Windows install).

Personally, I have Puppy installed directly to my hard drive forgoing the LiveCD (I haven't had Windows installed on my system in a very, very long time).

It's worth taking for a test drive if you're interested.

PS: The Puppy Linux community is very helpful and friendly which is a big help.

Sorry for your troubles.

In the Garden of the Warrior Monk said...

I know how you feel. I have many friends who refuse to use Vista... while I use only Macs (6 of them) and love how the hardware and software flow smoothly together. We're not as big a community as PC users but the integration of hardware and software together is unbeatable in a Mac. AND I have a bunch of friends who use only Macs when it comes to astronomy (better graphics capabilities). You do need to research what you want in terms of software for astronomy research but with a little time and effort it pays off huge dividends in the end. Good Luck.

Marcus Meredith

Unknown said...

Install Windows 7 already. It's what Vista should've been.

Runs like a champ, never had it crash, and I've had an uptime of almost three months, which was when I installed the RC, and now I'm running on the final.

(Also, in reality, PCs can actually have greater graphics capability than Macs because you can't change a Mac's graphics card in most cases [unless you buy a Mac Pro], so it's possible to buy a high-end card for a PC).

Unknown said...

Also, if you use M$, you're a 12 year old.

Even most Linux diehards I know moved past that.

John said...

It's possible that you're having a hardware-related problem. In particular, the system's boot drive may be failing or unstable, so the the kernel files needed for boot may have become unreadable.

Honestly, depending on what kind of hardware you're using, you may encounter this kind of problem on just about any operating system. In every case, it leads to frustration (and for me, sometimes anger).

Disclosure: I work in a primarily-Windows shop where we see this kind of thing periodically. And, while I work on the Windows servers, I'm the Linux team lead and I use a Mac.

But, yeah, Vista isn't really impressing me either. It's coming off of my son's workstation later today and getting replaced with Windows XP.

Lane said...

Also, if you use M$, you're a 12 year old.

Even most Linux diehards I know moved past that.