Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Religion Shield

One of my biggest criticisms of religion is that.... well, we're not "allowed" to criticize it. Religion is something that is for, no real reason, given amazing deference even when it is at its worst.

Consider this case: Churches are grabbing up prime real estate in areas not zoned for such activities. When they cause a ruckus, they hide behind the fact that they are a religions organization (or in one case in the story, a black religious organization) and time after time, they're being let off the hook.

It doesn't matter if a church is religious. What matters is that it's not what the area is supposed to be zoned for or it's not following proper noise ordinances.

Religious houses that follow proper procedure don't matter to me. What jerks my chain is those that get special exemptions because they get away with whatever they want because they throw out the religious persecution card. As long as people keep thinking this is a valid argument, abuses like these and these I mentioned in 2006 will continue.

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Chet Twarog said...

We can criticize but watch out for the "hate" backlash. Its so sad, and maddening, that some/most Christians are so eager to "crucify". Wait till Easter when I try to write ltrs the editor.
If "Jesus" existed (or, a god), he wouldn't need missionaries.