Friday, February 12, 2010

Naka-Kon: T -7 days

At this time next week I will be setting up for Naka Kon. It's a good thing I have a four day weekend because I need all the time I can get.

I'm working as the Game Room director, so I have to organize all the donations and make sure we don't have people bringing too many doubles, and that everyone actually has what they tell me they can bring, plus keep track of all the junk the con actually owns. Part of my day today was finalizing the tournament schedule and writing the rules for all 11 in a more uniform fashion.

On top of those duties, I'm giving two lectures. The first is the new version of my Science of Anime panel, which I'm calling "Anime Mythbusters" this year. It's packed with some serious new awesome. The second is a lecture on bento lunches. Most of my day today has been putting together the powerpoint for that and double checking my list of everything I need to have to do the demos associated with that.

We also have a final staff meeting this weekend. I'm not going to be able to head out to KC to actually attend, but it does mean having to listen in for 4 hours on Skype for my thirty seconds to say, "Nothing new for my sector." *headdesk*

At least I'm not trying to do any new costumes this year, although I will be hosting the cosplay competition again.

Since I'm also having to take two days off work to work this con, I also need to get extra far ahead on my lesson plans and find activities for my 6 classes that can keep them busy the two days I'm gone. Most of them will be taking tests one day, but that leaves about 8 classes for which I have to put something together and that can be handled by the principal who has no science background.

Meanwhile, Friday and Saturday nights are still raid nights with my guild in WoW. We're steadily progressing in Icecrown Citadel. We can mop up Festergut now, but Rotface is still giving us trouble. A warrior tank for the slimes just doesn't work too well. At some point I got drafted into healing, so I'm somewhat of a necessity. Me missing doesn't work for the team.

On top of everything else, Saturday and Sunday nights are my night to cook dinner currently.

Perhaps I'll sleep sometime.

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