Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I might have to care again

Two years ago, I was really into Battlestar Galactica. Then the last season happened. It was pretty bad and the final episode was one of the worst endings of anything I've ever seen. I swore off the series at that point and haven't even popped in my DVDs from the first season since then. It was that bad. So bad it made Jar Jar look like a decent character choice.

But now I hear there's going to be a BSG MMO.

This sounds promising so long as it leaves out the horrible deus ex from the series.

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Chet Twarog said...

BSG Caprica has been on the SyFy channel Friday's at 9 pm. You can see the segments you missed on the SyFy web page.
SG: Universe will also be returning on Friday's in April?