Monday, March 01, 2010

The Drama Llamas Strike Back

Apparently the Obama administration been meeting with some nasty "hate groups" and "activists".

Who were these evil people out to destroy America?

Atheists from the Secular Coalition for America.


Bill Donahue is throwing a fit, saying,
People of faith, especially Christians, have good reason to wonder exactly where their interests lie with the Obama administration. Now we have the definitive answer. In an unprecedented move, leaders of a presidential administration are hosting some of the biggest anti-religious zealots in the nation.
Not "anti-religious zealots"! How dare they talk to the administration (not even Obama himself)!

What dastardly things did they have on the agenda?

The deadly effects of "faith-healing" and religious harassment and proselytizing in the military.

Oh how evil! How dare they suggest that religious parents not be allowed to murder their children by denying them decent medical care.

How dare they complain that the military is violating the constitution they swear to uphold by acting as a religious outlet and promotional tool!

So much hate....

...And all of it properly placed. Murder and flagrant violation of the foundational document of the nation is not something we should stand for.


Wayne said...

"The Snark is strong with this one."

-Sorry, but you opened the door with your title.

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