Sunday, December 20, 2009

Judge Presses Onwards in Faith-Healing Death Case

Over in Oregon, a judge has refused to toss out a case charging parents with the negligent homicide of their son by denying him access to medical care for a urinary tract blockage in favor of "faith-healing".

There's only one way to respond to this: GOOD.

Not that yet another child has died to religious idiocy, but that the judge has the sense to toss the motion for dismissal out the window. The entire motion was based on the parents claiming the law does not "adequately acknowledge care provided through spiritual means."

Gee. I wonder why.

Oh yes. It doesn't work. People die.

However, I think the law should be cleaned up. It should be more explicit in defining such actions as criminally negligent so there can be no question as to just how dangerous these practices are.

And they are dangerous. But obviously, faith blinds such people to see such things. Even when it should be painfully obvious. And in this case, there's absolutely no excuse. This wasn't the first child this family had lost due to non-action and "faith-healing". The same parents had their daughter lose their 15-month-old daughter die earlier this same year.

There is no reason to let this family retain any custody of whatever children they may still have or ever allow them to have any more.

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