Monday, December 07, 2009

BANG! The Universe Verse: Book 1

I don't get a lot of spam from people asking me to plug their stuff on my blog, but when I do, I usually ignore it. However, today I got something that was actually pretty cool: A rhyming comic book about the Big Bang.

It features one of my pet peeves (there was nothing which exploded), but even with a rocky start it's pretty fantastic. It doesn't shy away from discussing the splitting of the forces or the condensation of matter from sub atomic particles.

The art is good too, but perhaps best of all, you can preview the full book online. This would be a great Christmas present for the little (or not so little) astronomer in your life.

But perhaps what I love even more than the good science is the great sense of wonder the author conveys. But that's the point; And his "warning sticker" states it outright:

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Wayne said...

Don't know about the comic, but the warning is made of win. I gotta use that in my first astronomy lecture in the spring (or a variation thereof).