Saturday, April 29, 2006

Big, Bigger, Biggest

Today I found a nice new image from the Cassini probe over at Saturn that I think is worth commenting on:

This image shows Saturn's largest moon, Titan (background), as well as the outermost edges of Saturn's rings, and the dimunitive Epimethus (below rings).

The reason I feature this is because it's an excellent portrait showing a small glimpse into the vast range of scales in the universe. All the objects shown are orbiting Saturn, which is in turn orbiting the sun, which in turn orbits the center of our galaxy, which is part of a much larger cluster, which is still only a tiny part of the universe as a whole.

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Gaby de Wilde said...

Good to remind us of how small we are. I guess we are not much bigger as a one cell organism. About as big as a planet. :-)