Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Persecution = Refusing to give special status?

The Christian Persecution Complex seems to be hard at work still. It seems John Moranski, a born again Christian working for General Motors as a desktop computing architect, has filed suit against the company because they would not sponsor a religious group he wished to form.

In 1999 GM began sponsoring what it called an Affinity group program in which they sponsor groups that would in some way support diverse employees, improve performance, and better serve diverse market segments. It was also stated that they generally form "
around an aspect of common social identity that influences how others see them at GM."

Under this program many religious groups, not just Christian were denied. Additionally, ones that would be formed around common interests such as golf, were also denied.

But how dare GM try to keep someone from forming a Christian group! That's religious persecution!

As usual, Moranski sued with the claim that somehow, not helping promote religion served to promote the opposite, once again, the distorted black-and-white world of false dichotomies that such people live in.

Fortunately, things are not so bad that our court system has been infiltrated by such people. The case was dismissed, appealed and dismissed again.

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Anonymous said...

When you lose your priveleges, you cry. Even - perhaps especially - when you didn't deserve them to start with, and only held them by keeping other folks down. I see their pain - but they (or their spiritual forebears) earned it.