Friday, April 14, 2006

Even Christian universities don't want 'em

It seems that even universities that are looking to establish themselves as based on Christian principals don't want ID assosciated with them. ID websites have recently been abuzz with the usual claims of persecution when the Baylor University recently denied tenure to Francis Beckwith.

Obviously ID supporters claim that it is because of his association with the Discovery Institutes. Others suggest that it has to do with his more general fundamenatlist Christian approach. However, the university denies both of these claims.

The folds over at Uncommon Descent seem to think that, since the school claims to be "affirming and deepening its distinctive Christian vision", it must support Intelligent Design.

I'm not sure why ID folks seem to get this impression that Christian simply must mean that you love Intelligent Design, especially given how frequently they deny the claim that their "theory" is motivated by their Christian beliefs. To quote one of the commentors over at UD, "Why do see in my mind images of Pinocchio’s nose growing longer?"

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