Saturday, October 21, 2006

O'Leary puts her foot in her mouth

When Ken Miller was visiting KU, one of the things he said about the trial was that the prosecution didn't feel the need to work too hard to show that ID is really just another form of creationism. They just let the ID crowd do the talking for them.

Over at Uncommon Descent, O'Leary makes it pretty clear that there's a strong religious appeal for ID when she asks, "...what kind of faith would be compatible with an unguided, unplanned process?"

Interestingly enough, she prefaces that with, "What blows me away is how stupid those people think the rest of us are." No Denyse. We don't think you're stupid. Just as the prosecution did in Dover, we'll let your words speak for themselves when you continue to repeat your strawman versiobn of evolution being "an unguided, unplanned process".

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Anonymous said...

Denyse O'Leary is a fine example of someone with the type of faith infection that completely corrodes any relationship with the real world. The Uncommon Descent site is a meeting place for such individuals.

Robert Eames.