Monday, October 16, 2006

Uncommon so common...

I don't visit Uncommon Descent too often, but things to post about have been rather slow recently, so I figured I'd head over to see what's going on.

It looks like head honcho, Billy Dembski is worried that his PR committee is failing him. Poor guy.

Also, DaveScott has gotten bored with ID and has decided to misrepresent other parts of science, namely global warming.

But perhaps most interestingly, Uncommon Descent's newcomer, Denyse O'Leary makes a quick quip showing she doesn't quite get the idea of reading comprehension. She quotes Clarence Darrow from the 1925 Scopes Monkey trial:
For God's sake, let the children have their minds kept open – close no doors to their knowledge; shut no door from them. Make a distinction between theology and science. Let them have both. Let them be taught. Let them both live.
It's a great quote, to be sure, but there's a sentence it seems that O'Leary skipped over all together. I'll repeat it just in case you did too: "Make a distinction between theology and science."

Did you catch it? Darrow doesn't say, "Let theology masquerade as science" but proclaims that a distinction need be made. But he goes further to say "Let them have both", which is also something I agree with! Science goes in the science class, theology (read Intelligent Design) in a comparative religions class, or better yet, a church. Anything goes there.


Stephen said...

The President of Shell was on Scientific American's podcast saying something like 'The debate over global warming is over. The science is mature.'

Who am i to argue with the President of Shell?

That Carl Sagan talked about it in his 1980 Cosmos series demonstrates just how brand spanking new an idea that Global Warming really is.

Tim said...

I would have loved to have attended that one.