Thursday, November 30, 2006

Behe Lecture Cancelled

Pat Hays over at Red State Rabble noted yesterday that we've been having exceptionally nice weather here in the midwest so far this winter. But it seems that winter has arrived all at once, going from temperatures near 70 one day, to sleet and snow the next.

This wouldn't seem to have any meaning, except that, as Pat pointed out, this sudden arrival of inclement weather corresponds with a lecture of Dr. Behe. He speculated that perhaps God's just gotten tired of Behe's lies.

We'd expected that the weather would drive attendence down, but it seems that it's far worse than that for Behe. His lecture has been canceled.

Shame. I was hoping to take bets on how closely he would follow my How to make a Pro-ID Argument template that I created after Dembski's talk last spring.


Anonymous said...

What BS.

Inclement weather at the end of Novermber is to be expected, and its interesting that they scheduled the one actual ID guy for that time.

What a coincidence.


Jon Voisey said...

Cold weather yes. Sleet and several inches of snow during the evening of, no.

And did you stop to consider that scheduling may have been due to Dr. Behe's obligations? Going last in a performace is generally one of the best places to go if you're trying to get remembered. You're the most fresh in the mind of the audiences and there's no one to come after you and counter your arguments.

Your attempt at creating some evil conspiracy falls flat.

Stephen said...

Unless it's a star party, bad weather generally gets me there. Good weather in the day gets me out doing yard stuff. In bad weather, i have to kick around the house.

I may be a bit unusual. This is something that keeps me from trend line analysis. Maybe Earth is unusual in having life. We have a sample size of one.

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like hes been rescheduled, and is going to be on the panel!

God's will be done!

Resisting Atheist Rule for two said...

Well, looks like hes been rescheduled, and is going to be on the panel!

God's will be done!