Friday, November 17, 2006

Not Such a Large Pond

If you've been paying attention over at Pharyngula, you've probably heard about how pissed off the theocrats are that Minnesota elected a Muslim to the US House of Representatives.

Religious tensions in the US are high right now due to the elections and the inevitable temper tantrums of the religious far right as they realize (or keep denying) that religious freedom means all religions.

But far be it from the US to be the only nation with a bunch of faith addled extremist Christians. The UK has had their own problems. During a procession organized by a conservative Catholic group over there, they decided to jump back in time a few hundred years and have a little witch hunt in Glastonbury.

Pagans there were pelted with salt and verbally harassed, being called a "bloody bitch" and told they would burn in hell. Gee, sounds just like the good 'ole US.

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Anonymous said...

All this started when we got Holy Tony B. Liar as prime minister ......

He's such a good little creepy christian.