Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Eugenie Scott

Last night, Eugenie Scott, executive director of the National Center for Science Education, was out at Johnson County Community College. I wasn't able to make it, but Paul Decelles over at The Force that Through... was. You can read his report here.

Eugenie will be at KU on the 16th as part of the Difficult dialogues series and I'll definately be in attendence for that. And in case that wasn't enough, I've also been invited to a special luncheon with her the following day. So if anyone has any questions they'd like asked, let me know!


Anonymous said...

Sure, and I a sure we can rely on you to ask a question for us.

Here it is...Eugenie frequently claims that IDists all have a "religious" agenda.

Since she is an atheist, and despises religion, does she perhaps have an atheist anti religon agenda?

Just wondering, and we eagerly await your oh so honest reply.

Jon Voisey said...

Sorry, I don't ask questions rooted in logical fallacies and steretypes.

Anonymous said...

Manny has a point.

She is an atheist, and a legitmate question would be to ask her to what extent that is part of her agenda.

Your evasive answer reflects a fundamental cowardice.

You are really going to pretend she doesn't have one, are you?

But, don't worry, if YOU won't ask the question, one of us will be sure to.

See ya all tonight!

Jon Voisey said...

Your assumption that people aren't able to seperate their beliefs and their dedication to the neutral position of science is absurd. Many people are able to do this such as Kenneth Miller. Some are not, such as Dawkins.

Your refusal to accept that people don't necessarily have to let one aspect influence another reflects a fundamental ignorance.

Enjoy asking your loaded questions. I don't expect you'll get much of a response. I doubt Eugenie will feed trolls any more than I do.

Anonymous said...

If she dodges the question, it will expose her position.

If she answers it, if will expose her position.

Either way is fine.

Jon Voisey said...

Precisely. It's a loaded question. It's not meant to be answered, it's meant to force the audience to get an incorrect perception.

Meanwhile, have you stopped molesting young children? If you answer, it reveals your position. If you dodge, it reveals your position.

Either way is fine...