Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Netflix streaming coming to the Wii

I've had Netflix for a little over a year now and have absolutely loved it. It's introduced me to some great new movies I'd never heard of and is fantastically convenient.

I've been jealous that the XBox and PS3 have streaming capabilities while the Wii gets left out. I don't have either of those systems and don't have any reason to get them as there's no games I really want for them. But Netflix streaming that's not tied to my computer would be fantastic.

Which is why I'm happy to hear Wiis are getting the feature this spring. It will apparently require users to have a free disk inserted into the system to use, but a disk that allows users to access thousands of movies and shows?

I've already reserved mine.

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Eric Aitala said...

I got a Roku box for Xmas which does Netflix streaming from your live queue and from other sources as well.

The PS3 streaming is better, other than needing a disc, since you can stream stuff not in your queue.