Sunday, January 03, 2010

Science of Anime 2.0 (Anime Mythbusters)

Last year at one of the conventions I hit annually (well, more like the only one), I presented a lecture I called Science of Anime (see last year's version here). Naka-Kon's coming up in just over a month and I'm starting to prepare my panel for this year.

I'm looking for new ideas on topics to cover but coming up short on ideas. I'm looking to replace ~5 of the topics with new ones. So far, I've got at least three topics I'm fairly certain will make the cut. I've only gone through the math on one to make sure it's sufficiently exciting to include in the panel which means I need at least two more.

So if any readers watch any anime and have seen something they figure just can't work and would like to know just how far off it is, let me know and I'll see if I can work it out and add it to the panel.

Keep in mind, I'm not looking for the things that are commonplace like there's no sound in space. Nor am I looking for things that actually work within reasonable parameters. I'm wanting things that are so bad that to make things actually happen the way they're depicted would require destroying at least a small city, if not the whole universe or worse, reality. Take a look at parts 4 and 5 of last year's version to see the best examples of what I want to keep and what I'm looking for more of.

(Oh, and I'm changing the name this year for reasons I stated in last year's panel.)

Thanks everyone!

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