Monday, January 04, 2010

UT Posts: 12/12 - 1/4

Here's what's been going on in astronomy news that I've covered at UT:

Reexamining a Cataclysm - A reexamination of impact basins on the moon using only ones that have absolute dates known from Apollo missions shows a different frequency size of impactors than that of Main Belt Asteroids as previously suggested.

New Results from the CDMS II Experiment - Did the Cryogenic Dark Matter Survey detect dark matter?

Can the Recurrent Novae RS Oph become a Type Ia Supernova? - Looking at the accumulation of mass on RS Oph vs. mass lost in the novae.

New Observations of TRES-2b May Reveal New Exoplanet - Does a change in the timing of a known exoplanet hint at the presence of another in the same manner Neptune was revealed through its effects on Uranus?

Galactic Building Blocks - Analysis of the similarity to dwarf galaxies to our outer halo.

MN112 - A New LBV Found From Its Nebula? - Test case of finding Luminous Blue Variables from the characteristics of the nebulae they emit.

Do Eruptions of P Cyg Point To A Companion? - Do a series of eruptions in the 1600's on P Cyg fit the model for an undetected companion star?

New Studies on the Vela Star Forming Region - Summary of two new papers examining star formation in Vela.

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