Monday, March 10, 2008

Novel mutations

One of the silliest creationist arguments is that there's no such thing as a beneficial mutation. Even if we get them to admit that there is, then they make the argument that in order to get a beneficial mutation, they have to do damage to themselves.

This is obviously falsified by nylonase, and now, is falsified by a new species of bacteria that can metabolize hairspray.

Both of these discoveries come from the Japanese. Shame that things coming from Japan tend to go right over the heads of Creationists, who still think Pokemon is actually how evolution works.


Anonymous said...

These bacteria were, of course, created 6000 years ago, by an omnipotent god, knowing that they could contaminate synthetic products millenia later. Evolution is falsified.

TV's Mr. Neil said...

Let me offer the standard creationidiot response: The gene to metabolize hairspray was always there. It just took some genetic selection to weed it out.

On a serious note, your comment about creationists and Pokemon would be funny if it wasn't sadly true. I still cannot believe how many people dismiss evolution on the basis of what they see in something like X-Men.

Anonymous said...

I actually lost points on a college Biology exam because the teacher believed there has never been any beneficial mutation. The teacher also happens to run the Christian Club. Conflict of interests anyone?