Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Failure of Faith Healing

Another kid dies thanks to a lack of simple medical care.



Paul D. said...

Oh and I note that its not likely charges will be filed by the DA. The parents claim the boy refused treatment. Sorry a 16 year old does not have an absolute right to refuse treatment.

The parents ought to be brought up on charges of child abuse. I am a religious person but I am getting more and more sympathetic to Dawkin's arguments that certain aspects of religion amount to child abuse.

Anonymous said...

But the failure of prayer in this and many instances is overlooked by the faithful. After all, it was all part of "god's plan" was it not?

That reminds me of a scene in "Contact" where a priest tries to console the young Ellie in saying that "god works in mysterious ways." Ellie responds that she should have kept some medicine in the nearby cabinet. The priest is speechless at the girl's disbelief, rather than comforting a young child who will likely suffer from this serious issue.

Wow, that was a tangent, sorry!

Anonymous said...

*another* failure? surely you jest.

ZorkFox said...

The parents of these children should be punished. They should be fined, and the money donated to a children's hospital. Moreover, their church should be fined, and the money donated to medical research.

@nicole: Contact is one of my all-time favorite movies; for that scene, and all the others. :)