Thursday, June 26, 2008


Two years ago, I first got into the show Battlestar Galactica. Since then, I've been a gigantic fan (who knew I'd get into a show created by Mormons). The episode a few weeks back was, well, a cliffhanger to put it mildly. Unlike most episodes, it didn't end with the typical "stay tuned for a sneak peek at next week's episode" and hinted that BSG wouldn't be on for a bit.

How long is a bit?

The rest of the fracking year.


Oh well. I suppose that will give the rest of you a chance to catch up.

For those that don't understand the term "frack", it's the term that characters use in the show as a substitution for the obvious swear word. And yes, it has worked it's way into my everyday language.


Nicole said...

I don't want to give anything away to those who didn't watch it, but the end of that episode was so difficult b/c you KNEW it was the mid-season finale so you KNEW something bad was going to happen... and someone in the group watching it had already heard the rumor about it being postponed til 2009... argh.

I had heard something about Mormon ties to the show, is that this one or the original?

I yell "frack!" at my computer all the time at work now...

Anonymous said...

I always thought that frack sounded lame. BSG should be on a premium channel since I hate censorship. I suppose its better then blanking the word out but still

Jon Voisey said...

I thought it was painful and awkward at first too, but it grows on ya.