Sunday, June 08, 2008

Creation Science 101: Plants are not alive

What is death? Death is when something with life dies. Does that mean plant death? No. God tells us in Leviticus and many other places that life is in the blood of the creature. "For as for the life of all flesh, its blood is identified with its life."

So, death is when someone or something with blood in it dies.
~Jeannie Fulbright
And we're supposed to take Creationists seriously?

And you've got to appreciate how amazingly inept these people are at logic. Take out the nonsensical qualification in the last sentence and you get, "death is when someone or something ... dies."

What an amazingly profound and useful definition. Really, does that qualify as circular reasoning? It doesn't even go in a circle. It just sits in one spot. This is supposed to be "upper-level science with the most in-depth, insightful science curriculum"?

I don't think I'll be buying any of her textbooks.


Anonymous said...

Plants have sap. That's the same as blood, isn't it? Makes her argument even more worthless.

Stephen said...

My favorite tautology is "You don't know what you don't know". It explains alot.

In astronomy, though, quite a bit is known about what isn't known. Dark Matter & Dark Energy are two well understood knowledge gaps. Even astronomy books for laypersons talk about what we might learn soon. And you can't launch a spacecraft without a laundry list of what you might learn. I've seen these lists used in Answers in Genesis as talking points. "OMG, scientists don't know everything!, But WE know that GOD did it." It doesn't matter, they're all going to hell.

I also have fun with "there's an exception to every rule", and the equivalent, "there are no absolute truths". Both of these are totally correct.

Anonymous said...

Wow, classifying organisms based on the quantity and type of their blood. The creationists have actually taken a huge leap forward. Scientifically, they are now on par with Aristotle.

Anonymous said...

What really chaps me is that in her own botany book, in the sample module, the very first sentence states......"Did you know that inside every seed is a tiny living thing?"

Paul D. said...

Of course some of my students tell me in all seriousness that we know when something is alive when it is not dead...sigh.

Miral said...

Plants have sap. That's the same as blood, isn't it? Makes her argument even more worthless.