Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Art of Science

It seems to be a trend recently, that a number of the science bloggers have been discussing the results when art and science collide. Mollishka recently posted an entry saying that a chandelier of the universe entitled "The End of Modernity" had won a McArthur Fellowship. I'm not an art buff, but I agree with Mollishka in thinking it's rather pretty.

Meanwhile, the Bad Astronomer has been all about art lately.

I'm not quite enough of a trend whore that I will ever stoop to posting a ridiculous meme on what my favourite cereal is (perhaps one that pertains to science if I ever come across one), but I figured I'd toss in my contribution to this realm as well that I found tonight as I was clearing out my bookmarks.

Over at Princeton, they started an annual competition in 2005 called the Art of Science which is a "celebration of the aesthetics of research and the ways in which science and engineering inform art and vise versa".

So what are my favourites? I particularly liked this video of drainage dynamics of soap film. This one of the inside of a fusion generator was also quite impressive. Lastly, well, I'll just let this one speak for itself.

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Stephen said...

Short science meme:

Chemistry or Physics?

Cosmology or Variable Stars?

Observational or Theoretical?

The moment of the Big Bang, or Heat Death of the Universe?

Which objects in the Solar System are Planets?


My answers:

Chemistry or Physics?


Cosmology or variable stars?


Observational or Theoretical?


The moment of the Big Bang, or Heat Death of the Universe?

Heat Death

Which objects in the Solar System are Planets?

The Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn.
Also the days of the week: