Monday, January 08, 2007

Scientology grabs its tux

It looks like Scientologists are taking a hint from the Creationists.

They've become well aware that they're viewed as a cult and that they won't be able to preach their anti-psychiatric rhetoric in schools. So what to do? Take their name off of it and create a front group.

An agency known as Narconon snuck into at least 500 schools across Britain. This group has strong ties with the Scientology movement and follows their teachings, such as the belief that that "drugs remain in your body forever unless you use these very specific techniques such as niacin and saunas" which is lifted directly from Scientologist teachings. Scientists reviewing the teachings of Narconon said it "did not reflect scientific knowledge or good educational approaches."

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Gregory Simonian said...

Wow, apparently the creationists HAVE made some new discoveries, and are at the forefront of a movement. How to get religion into schools. I must say, I never actually expected the tuxedo strategy to spread. Especially after it was found ineffective.