Thursday, August 10, 2006

Astronomy Internship - Wrap Up

I haven't been blogging much recently on what's been going on with my internship. The reason for this is... well, I haven't really done a whole lot worth blogging about. This past weekened my girlfriend came in town. We hit Sea World, the beaches, the San Diego Zoo, etc. Lots of fun stuff, but no astronomy.

The past few days have been devoted to working on preparing my final presentation recapping everything I've done and explaining it to my peers. It's probably going to be a bit too technical for the average person, but I'll go ahead and post it when I'm finished.

Additionally, I've been working on an extended version of the presentation which is meant for high school students and covers more of the background to understand precisely what I did. However, there's still much more to go on that, but I'll eventually get around to posting that as well. I know at least one high school back in St Louis is looking to have me present. I haven't heard back from another.

After I finish this presentation, all that's left is for me to throw together the paper, pack, and head home for a day and a half before returning to KU. It's been a great summer, and hopefully the presentation will go well.


Yuvi Panda said...

You've already got one Fan to spread the presentation around in his High School...:D

Jon Voisey said...

I can't promise that the presentation will be too understandable without the verbal part to go along with it.