Friday, August 18, 2006

Computers are like women...

Apparently, my desktop computer got jealous that I ran off to sunny California all summer with a sleek, sexy laptop leaving my poor desktop stored in my basement back in St Louis covered by a trash bag to keep the dust off. This jealousy has driven my computer to pout; refusing to start up until I buy her something shiny and new. The trouble is, that like most women, my computer expects me to be able to divine what trinket she wants.

I'm thinking it's a new power source. Hopefully the jealousy isn't so deeply rooted that it's a new processor or motherboard. I just bought text books for the semster after all!

However, until we work our problems out, I'm not going to be posting much. Additionally, this semester is looking to be extremely busy which should also be cutting into my formerly frequent rants and commentary.


Stephen said...

From time to time, i drag one of my 486's up from the basement into the office. My primary computer daily see's the previous primary computer - a Pentium II, in the corner.

I expect discipline from my computers. Rewards are for performance delivered.

Perhaps I could sell you a cheap 486/33 for this purpose. I'm down to only about 20 left. But you have to figure that the ones that remain are reliable. They've made it this far.

Jon Voisey said...

decrepit: I realize that computers don't suck in the dust like they do while on, but the cover was more to keep the dust off the surface since I knew I wouldn't have the time to dust it off before having to carry it to the car.

Stephen: If this computer does end up being shot, I'll do like I did three years ago and build an entirely new one. Sadly, a PII wouldn't cut it for the processing I generally require.