Sunday, August 06, 2006

Behind the Times

Apparently the practice of exorcism is still being done occasionally over in Belgium (and I'm sure in the US as well). Unfortunately, by not seeking medical treatment, those practicing it frequently find themselves worse off as was the in the article.

To me, it's shocking that anyone would put their lives and safety in the hands of the superstitious, but the article also mentions this isn't the first case recently involving an exorcism gone awry. In the past two years, four other cases have ended poorly, with one case ending in death due to a man being beaten to death with a broom stick.

I'm wondering where that one is in the Bible...


Anonymous said...

Christ on occasion cast out demons, so it is in the Bible. The Catholic Church believes in and has an active priesthood that specializes in exorcism. The trouble comes in when people undertake to deal with this problem on their own without those who understand the process. And, you wouldn't consider this "superstition" if you had witnessed an exorcism rite. It is an experience I would like to wipe from my memory. BBowers

Jon Voisey said...

Christ casting out demons is one thing. Son of God and all.

However, even assuming that there are such demons, giving that power to ordinary people I can't recall the bible granting exorcism powers to ordinary people. The most the bible does give if I recall correctly is in Mark 16:16-18 in which Jesus promises his followers that those who believe in him shall have the power to cure sicknesses.

But again, sickness is not the same thing as demonic posession.

Randy said...

We had a case like that right here in Milwaukee not too long ago (one or two years, maybe?). This was a Protestant church of some stripe, maybe Baptist or something like that. They were sitting on the kid's chest (around age 8-12, I think) for hours, trying to get the demon(s) out. He suffocated, and charges were brought.
Though I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, I'm not exaggerating the gist of it at all, sadly. Lemme see if I can dig out a link quickly enough...
OK, it was three years ago, the name of the church is the Faith Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith, though the denomination they would consider themselves is unclear, the boy was eight and autistic (it was his autism they were trying to "cure").
Initial report - Pastor says he'll be cleared because he was doing as the Bible said - Sentencing