Thursday, August 31, 2006

Natural selection at work

Although I'm not an English major, my university thinks its important for students to be well rounded and have a few courses in the subject. These often consist of reading a work, interpreting it to look for themes, and then write a paper on your findings. I learned back in high school how to do this quite easily.

One of the messages that pops up more than once in the Bible, is that God doesn't take too kindly to us trying to emulate him. In response to Adam and Eve taking a bite of the apple and learning the difference between right and wrong, God kicks them out of the garden. When mankind tries to build a tower in Babel to reach to the heavens, God confounds their speech.

So it's really quite clear that God's not to keen on us trying to attain his powers or insights.

But it seems that there are still those out there that haven't ever learned this trick of reading to find messages or themes. In one such case, such a person was allowed to lead a congregation.

Unfortunately for him, the lack of literary analysis skills led him to his death in front of his congregation, when he tried to replicate Jesus' miracle of walking on water.

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