Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Shrine to ignorance

Hen Ham has finally finished his version of Kent Hovind's dream house, and he's done it right. It seems that his $25 million creation "museum" will be opening soon.

The best thing I can say about this article is that MSNBC doesn't even pretend that it's real science. It makes it very clear that the builders don't care about scientific evidence and can't see beyond the pages of their bible.

The pictures in the article are also pretty interesting:

In this picture, it's supposed to depict "two archaeologists coming to very different conclusions while unearthing the same skeleton." It doesn't say who's who, but I think the character profile is about as subtle as those catchy Mac commerials.

I'll take a stab and say the clean old wise guy dressed in the light clothing is the "enlightened creationist", whilst the scruffy dark clothing hippy looking guy is the evil atheist scientist.

The second picture is just as fun:

There's our good buddy Ken Ham right there, showing off his nice shiny new museum. But what part of the museum is the most important? Would it be the reconstruction of a section of Noah's ark? Nah. The giant mechanical dinosaus chillin' with Adam and Eve? Nope. Why it's the bookstore of course! Where you can buy all of your wonderful creationist propaganda literature for $19.95 $24.95!

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