Friday, July 14, 2006

Astronomical Pack Rats

A recent Universe Today article discussed the Discovery crew delivering supplies while taking out the trash. But take a look at the image and see what's lurking in the background.

That's right. It's the balloons I mentioned last month.

My question is, how have they managed to keep nylon balloons from deflating and will those be going out with the rest of the trash?


matt dick said...

Why would they deflate any faster than on Earth? The living compartment is pressurized, so the difference is really just the micro-gravity, right? Obviously balloons deflate over time, but it's not gravity that's doing it.

Jon Voisey said...

Given that a balloon's deflation is due to the porous nature of the latex and it trying to squish itself back down, I wouldn't expect them to deflate any faster. However, standard latex party balloons don't generally last more than a few days. Those ones still look quite well inflated over a month later which is what makes me curious.